From one issue stems another

From one issue stems another

The dreaded Japanese knotweed is notorious for causing physical damage to property, but the stigma surrounding the destructive plant is also strong enough to cause financial damage to properties too.

Rather like being penalised by your insurer for a non-fault car accident, some people have found that their homes have suffered a reduction in value due to knotweed, even when the property has undergone successful treatment to eradicate it.

Improved knotweed cover

To address this issue, we’re delighted to tell you that our Japanese knotweed indemnity policy now includes protection against loss in value.

If your client seeks to sell their property within the policy period, we will cover any reduction in market value as a result of Japanese knotweed that was treated and claimed for under the policy. So your client and their lender can enjoy stronger protection and even better peace of mind.

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