Ask the experts

Ask the experts

We look at some of the most common questions posed to our underwriters.

Q: Does your Building Warranty indemnity (for Scottish properties) also cover the lack of a completion certificate?

A: Yes it does. Under normal circumstances, providing the works are at least 12 months old, we cover the property owner and lender, as well as successors in title if the local authority serves legal proceedings in relation to the absence of a completion certificate.

Q: Are solar panel installations covered under your Lack of FENSA “and other installation certificates” indemnity?

A: Not under that particular policy, no. Only the pipes and electrics for solar panels are covered by the Government’s certification scheme, but the load-bearing structure for the roof requires full building regulations approval. Therefore, in order to obtain the most appropriate cover, our Lack of Building Regulations indemnity would be more apt.