H is for hassle-free

H is for hassle-free

Arranging insurance isn’t a fun task, but it shouldn’t be a problem. That’s why at Countrywide we do all we can to take the hassle out of the process of obtaining legal indemnity insurance.

When you approach us for a quote, our top priority is providing a quick response to your enquiry. This means that you won’t be left waiting for an answer. Sure, there’ll be times when you’ve got a complex case that requires extra consideration, but in the majority of cases, you’ll get a response from us within a matter of minutes.

If your enquiry does need some additional consideration, we’re happy to do the ‘dirty work’ for you, and undertake any required research to help find the right cover for your clients. And if one of our ‘standard’ policies doesn’t quite fit the bill, we’re also happy to amend the terms of cover or create an entirely bespoke policy for you if necessary.

You’ve also got the advantage of having direct access to every member of our dedicated Broker Underwriting team which is handy if, for example, you’ve been dealing with one of the team about a particular case and you need to get in touch with them specifically to discuss it again. You can find our Broker Underwriting team’s direct contact details here.

So, while we can’t really do anything to make arranging insurance more fun, you can at least approach us with your enquiries with the confidence that we’ll be easy to deal with.