How fast? Very!

How fast? Very!

You won’t believe how quickly you’ll get a legal indemnity quote from our underwriters.

Recent improvements to our telephone quotation system have meant that quotations are being delivered to our customers faster than ever!

A history of speed

Ever since we began trading, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on providing fast legal indemnity quotes. Back in 1994, we were the pioneers of the legal indemnity market’s first genuine 24 hour quotation service. By our standards today, 24 hours is ludicrously slow, but in those days, insurers could often take weeks to provide legal indemnity quotes.

Through the years, we’ve been gradually chipping away at the time that it takes to provide a quote. We’ve achieved this by adopting a more flexible approach to underwriting, ensuring our customers are able to talk to a decision maker, and through ongoing and comprehensive training for our underwriters.

Without a doubt, advancements in technology have been pivotal in speeding up the quotation process. More than a decade ago, our in-house IT team developed a ‘Fast-Fax’ system that enabled our customers to receive confirmation of their telephone quote by fax within 15 minutes. As the popularity of email increased, this system was adapted and became known as ‘FastTrack’.

Telephone Quotation System

More recently, we've invested in creating a telephone quotation system, which not only enables us to provide quotes instantly over the phone for a wider range of covers, but also reduces the time it takes for customers to receive emailed confirmation of their quote.

Following these latest improvements, we’ve reached a point where customers who’ve called us with an enquiry are often receiving written confirmation of their quote by email within seconds of hanging up the phone, and sometimes, even before the call has ended!

Clearly, it’s nigh on impossible for us to consistently send quotes out in seconds, but we are supremely confident that we can issue quote confirmation by email extremely fast nonetheless.

So the next time you need a quick answer to a legal indemnity enquiry, why not give our underwriters a call on 01603 617617, and let us impress you.