M is for market leader

M is for market leader

When we started out in 1994, our only objective was to offer service levels previously unseen in the legal indemnity market.

Back then, a solicitor could wait days, if not weeks, for an answer to an enquiry from one of the major insurance providers, and perhaps too often the answer was that they wouldn’t quote at all. So we pioneered the very first genuine 24-hour quotation service and offered a flexible approach to underwriting that immediately got us noticed in an established and traditional arena.

Today, our service still stands up to scrutiny when compared to all other providers. And it’s adhering strictly to these standards for the last 23 years that has helped propel us to be the legal indemnity market leader.

An unrivalled team

To help tackle thousands of enquiries every week, from straightforward residential risks to complex commercial cases, we have the largest and, we believe, the most experienced team of underwriters available.

That experience is backed up with ongoing, rigorous in-house training, so the whole team knows its stuff and is always up-to-speed with the latest developments in the market. In short, there’s nothing you can throw at our underwriters that they can’t handle.

Our dedicated Broker Underwriting team was established in 2013 to ensure an even greater focus on helping you to provide a prompt and professional response to your clients. Direct access to the team means you can discuss cases openly with them so that they have the full facts and you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Uncompromising cover

But we know that it isn’t just about providing unrivalled service and direct access to our underwriters; the quality of our policies is equally important. While other providers engage in a race to the bottom, diluting their cover in exchange for a cheaper quote, we refuse to compromise on the protection we provide. We work hard to maintain competitive premiums, and we’re committed to offering you the best cover in the market.

Our product development team meets regularly to discuss the impact of any changes or case rulings in the legal landscape which affect the property, mortgage or legal indemnity markets and as a result, make frequent adjustments and improvements to our policy wordings.

And if your clients do need to make a claim, our dedicated, experienced Claims team will be there to take care of them. Our in-house specialists are dealing with an ever-increasing number of claims, and every year we pay out millions of pounds for claims made against our policies. The team can assist in all aspects of a claim, providing a fast, professional, and efficient service, and it means your clients can be assured they’ll receive full support throughout the claims process.

Always improving

We think we’ve done a good job of achieving our ambition of providing the legal indemnity market with fantastic service, but we know we can always do more. We’re continually looking to find ways to make our premiums even more competitive, to add more layers of protection to our cover, and to improve the speed and the quality of our service. And if you have any ideas that would make our service even better, we’re always happy to hear from you; contact a member of our specialist Broker Underwriting Team.