Quick sticks

Quick sticks

The speed with which Japanese knotweed can overrun a property can’t be overstated. That’s why we need to move quickly when we receive notification of a claim against our Japanese knotweed indemnity policy.

When a policyholder in Scotland found the plant pushing through his fence, it took us less than four weeks to settle his claim. We appointed a knotweed specialist to survey the property, and covered the costs of £2,820 for the five-year treatment plan. The policyholder was very pleased, and sent us an email to say, “Thanks for all your help on this. It’s been a pleasure to work with your company”.

And when another policyholder in London found knotweed nestled in a space between his shed and a wall, uncertainty over the legal boundary could have meant a lengthy investigation to determine who was responsible for treatment.

But rather than delay matters and give the weed time to cause damage, we immediately appointed a specialist to treat the infestation before it could get any bigger. Even though there were only three knotweed stems on the property, they will take three years to completely eradicate, and the treatment will cost £2,400!

But the policyholder was pleased nonetheless, emailing us to say “thanks a lot for sorting it out so rapidly”. They even added a smiley face to their message!

If your client could benefit from a swift reaction to a Japanese knotweed problem, why not call one of our underwriters on 01603 617617, email enquiries@cli.co.uk, or get a quote from cli.co.uk?