K is for knowledge

K is for knowledge

If knowledge is power, then we think we have the right to say that we are the mightiest provider in the legal indemnity market.

We're proud of our team of over 30 underwriters who have an in-depth knowledge of all things legal indemnity related. Most of the team are ‘graduates' of our rigorous in-house training programme, while some others have held senior positions at, and run accounts for, other legal indemnity insurers. This collective experience and diversity means we are more than equipped to handle any legal indemnity enquiry put our way.

A thirst for knowledge

Having this expertise is all well and good, but equally important is that we keep our ears firmly to the ground to learn about changes to property law and developments in the conveyancing industry. Whether it's via an article published in the legal press, guidelines issued by a governing body such as the Law Society, or feedback from our customers, any new information received is vital for ensuring that our products and terms of cover remain up-to-date. When the needs of the market change, we're always quick to respond, and over the years this has resulted in the launch of many new products and services.

Why not put our knowledge to the test? When you next have an enquiry, give us a call on 01603 617617 or email enquiries@cli.co.uk.