Ask the experts

Ask the experts

We look at some of the most common questions posed to our broker underwriting team.

Q: Can your policies for developers be extended to cover service/utility providers?

A: Yes. We are able to cover service or utility providers for their abortive or additional costs arising in the event of a claim. These can include the (abortive) installation costs, or the cost of dismantling their equipment and reinstating the property or land back to its previous condition. This could be, for example, removing service media for a development following a third-party landowner refusing to grant a legal easement for use of the media. However, we will not provide the service or utility provider cover for loss of projected tariff income.

Q: Can you offer town and village green registration cover on a pre-planning basis?

A: It is definitely something we can consider. Following the introduction of the new 'trigger point' in the Growth and Infrastructure Bill whereby a town and village green application for development cannot be submitted once a planning application has been publicised, we've received a few requests to provide cover for abortive costs incurred in the period leading up to the submission of the planning application. Cover would be of particular benefit where a developer is spending a lot of time and money putting a planning application and proposals together, and the development involves a number of interested parties who may suffer a financial loss in the event of a town and village green application.

Q: Can rights to light cover still be obtained when there were objections at the planning stage referring to loss of light?

A: As you'd expect, we have to be careful when looking at these enquiries, as much depends on who said what, how strongly, and what their potential losses may be because of the loss of light.

We have handled a few cases where neighbours have objected to planning and mentioned loss of light, though not specifically claiming rights to light, and we've still been able to offer cover. In instances such as this, many insurers will instantly decline to offer cover. However, we would still have to consider each case on its merits and in order to enable us to offer cover, we sometimes include additional terms such as an excess, which means the insured would pay, for example, the first £25,000 of any claim amount.

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