Unlocking the right combination

Unlocking the right combination

For many legal indemnity insurers, combining policies has become the norm. But is it always a good idea?

As standard, and always with a premium discount, we offer over 70 varieties of combined risk policies for covers where the wordings of each policy mix well. When this isn’t the case and two covers are incompatible, e.g. one has a set policy term and the other is issued indefinitely, we take a different approach.

Other providers are happy to combine any mix of policies, but the resultant wording can be complex and confusing for the policyholder. We think the cover should be clear, and for these situations, we offer separate policies but, most importantly, still with the benefit of a ‘combined covers’ discount.

Our aim is always to make life straightforward when you’re obtaining a legal indemnity quote, and when more than one cover is required, sometimes this means not going down the route of offering a combined policy. Ultimately, our focus is on keeping it clear for the policyholder and easier for you.

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