N is for new combined covers

N is for new combined covers

Like bangers and mash or Simon and Garfunkel, our legal indemnity products are even better when you put them together.

It isn’t unusual that an existing or new property or even a large development is subject to more than one title problem, which is why we offer a host of combined covers. Not only do they save you from having to order more than one insurance policy for the same property, but they also allow us to protect against multiple risks for less than the cost of separate policies.

We think combined covers are such a good idea that we’ve recently introduced some new combinations:

  • We now cover new build properties with our No Search including Environmental policy (lender only), which protects lenders when they are providing a mortgage without searches, including a desktop environmental report specifically in relation to potential adverse entries under Part IIA of the EPA 1990.
  • Buyers can now protect themselves against past alterations to their newly-purchased flat with our Planning Permission and Building Regulations policy.
  • It’s becoming more common that leases have not been properly scanned or have been lost altogether. Our solution is a Missing Lease – Unknown Restrictive Covenants, Rights of Way and Easements of Services policy to cover your client against these unknown matters potentially affecting existing leasehold properties.
  • We now offer options under our Listed Building and Conservation Area Consent policy to cover both internal and external past works, including replacement doors and windows.

So, if a property transaction requires cover for more than one risk, why not ask us about combined cover? Talk to one of the expert underwriters in our Broker Underwriting team on 01603 617617, email enquiries@cli.co.uk or use our team’s contact details to speak to one of them directly.